Project duration:Aug 2018 – In Progress
Team:10 developers
Our members:2 front-end, 1 back-end developer
Technologies:React, Laravel, Symphony


MediaINFO is a complete Digital Library software solution for INTERACTIVE AND INTUITIVE viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing digitized content. MediaINFO is powering some of the world’s most prestigious libraries, publishers, educational institutions, magazines, and other organizations and companies.

MediaINFO transforms content into HIGHLY SEARCHABLE AND USABLE INFORMATION that is easy to share and annotate, while protecting the content with powerful DRM tools and access rules. It is typically installed as an ON-PREMISE installation on Client’s infrastructure.

Clients with Technical Drawings and scanned business documents are finding integration of existing DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS with MediaINFO extremely beneficial and describe it as a giant leap forward for their day-to-day operations.

Eagle 6

EAGLE 6 secures large enterprises by detecting unknown vulnerabilities before they expose systems to risk. It has visual tools through which it is possible to model complete business processes.

The system implements roles and permission rights so it is possible to fine-tune who have access rights and which actions can be performed on the system.

EAGLE 6 links human processes and systems to give you a 360-degree view of the enterprise. This equips you to: Identify anomalous behaviors and predict insider threats, eliminate architectural deficiencies and avoid costly outages, query your enterprise for vulnerabilities and neutralize the threat of malicious attacks, fill the gaps in your cybersecurity, where you are most vulnerable.

Project duration:Aug 2018 – Nov 2019 (15 months)
Team:4 developers
Our members:1 front-end developer
Technologies:Angular 5+

Project duration:Jul 2017 – Sep 2018 (15 months)
Team:7 developers
Our members:3 front-end developers
Technologies:Angular 4, MongoDB, Node JS

ACUTA – ARIM Framework

The ARIM framework is used as an environment for developers to quickly and easily begin creating a wide range of products. With its “Blade” structure, it gives developers great flexibility by giving them a huge advantage in the speed and ease of the application development process.

ARIM Framework supports the following features:

  • Framework components: Blades, Sidebar, Breadcrumb, Login, Notifications, State management, Tree vIew, Grid view
  • Authentication: Authentication service, Two steps login
  • Internationalization
  • Style guide
  • Unit Tests
  • Documentation

Player Stream

Player Stream is a social network for USA sports. It will be used by Universities, Coaches and Players to better connect to each and more benefits from these connections. Generally this is an application similar to Facebook for sports in the USA, with a lot of potential for expanding to other countries.

The Player Stream front-end and back-end application supports the following features:

  • Authentication and Registration
  • Home Pages for Player and Coach
  • Profile Page for Player and Coach
  • Search page for Player and Coach
  • Notification service 
  • Services to communicate between components for fluent UX
  • Real-time messaging system
Player Stream
Project duration:Sep 2017 – Oct 2017 (2 months)
Team:7 developers
Our members:3 front-end developers
Technologies:Angular 4

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